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AOC Rejects Invitation To Tour Real Concentration Camps While Ramping Up Her Rhetoric


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) continues to double down on her labeling of illegal alien detention facilities as “concentration camps.”

In fact, not only is the freshman congresswoman continuing to compare border facilities to some of the most heinous internment camps in human history, she's now advocating for denying ICE and border patrol of the funding desperately needed to address the crisis and care for illegal aliens that are still crossing the border in record numbers.

But not everyone's happy with AOC's hyperbolized rhetoric, including many actual victims of the Holocaust. In a video for Turning Point USA, multiple survivors of the Holocaust called her comments “insulting” and accused her of “looking out for herself," adding that there are no "concentration camps" here in America. 

Here's a full page ad in the New York Times Sunday edition was taken out telling AOC to "stop desecrating the Holocaust."

Despite openly comparing border facilities to "concentration camps," AOC rejected an invitation from the Holocaust remembrance group "From The Depths" to come to see real concentration camps in person, calling the group “far-right.”

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