'Any Claims To Allyship And Solidarity' Are For 'Naught': 2020 DNC Platform Committee Rejects BLM Amendments

Clay Robinson | July 29, 2020
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Marxist Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors proposed 10 Democratic platform amendments to the virtual Democratic National Convention’s platform committee, all of which were rejected without a vote. 

According to Axios, Cullors proposed amendments in areas of police reform, criminal justice reform, and education reform. Among the rejected amendments were initiatives to defund the police and assess reparations. 

Joe Biden and several members of Congress have already signaled opposition to the abolition of police. 

Cullors told Axios, “Even if we get Trump out in November we will still be having this same conversation about police violence with Biden in office.”

“Without the sea changes our movement recommended for the 2020 Democratic platform, any claims to allyship and solidarity with our work to fight for Black liberation are for naught,” Cullors told the platform committee.

“I’m calling the Democratic Party to the table — not casting them to the side. A unified party is one that will listen to the people on the streets,” Cullors added.

Cullors also advocated for the BREATHE Act, which includes proposals to divest from agencies like ICE, eliminate ankle monitors, end cooperation with immigration authorities, abolish gang databases, and allow illegal immigrants to vote in local and state elections.

“Without making the necessary recommitments and revisions, can any of you here truly stand up and say, ‘My party is the party of principles?’” Cullors asked the platform committee after her amendments were rejected.

Axios suggested that the rejection of Cullors' proposed amendments represents a growing divide within the Democratic Party as they struggle to unite the moderate and progressive wings.

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