Antifa Violently Assault Man Holding Sign Saying 'Children Cannot Consent To Puberty Blockers'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 15, 2021
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“Oh, Canada…”

Or so the song goes. And while the anthem is meant to be praiseful, there are numerous signs that it’s becoming a lament, thanks to left-wing trouble arising in that northern nation.

The latest comes by way of Tom Pappert, of National File, and from courageous independent journalist Andy Ngo, both of whom report that a Montreal man named Chris Elston was robbed and attacked, suffering a split lip and a broken arm, when Antifa thugs spotted him on St. Catherine Street holding a sign exhibiting a factual statement.

The sign read, simply:

Children Cannot Consent to Puberty Blockers – Stop The Child Abuse

Can anyone dispute that?

As a matter of legal history, minors in Canada and the U.S. – in most of the Western World – for centuries have been considered dependents and incapable of giving their legal consent to anything until they reach the age of majority. In six of the 13 Canadian provinces, that age statutorily is placed at 19, while in the remaining seven the government places it at 18 – and, of course, a judge or court proceeding can make select rulings on things like emancipation for those who are younger, on a case-by-case basis.

So, why would people in black masks rob and physically attack a person holding a sign that states such a simple fact as applied to puberty-blocking drugs?


Perhaps it’s because AntiFa is a Marxist organization, Marx openly despised the family unit (despite having conversely praised the patriarchy in his 1848 “Communist Manifesto”), and AntiFa and other leftists have, for years, worked to undermine family cohesiveness through such amorphous rhetorical weapons as “child sexual liberation?”

Writes Pappert:

At 6 p.m. on Friday, Elston says he was protesting in Montreal, Canada when several Antifa members arrived in a vehicle and began assaulting him.

And at 7:07 pm, Elston tweeted his first announcement about the attack:

I just got attacked by about 7 people. Punched multiple times. Signs smashed. Bodycam gone. Forearm might be broken. Police are on the way.

At shortly after 8 pm, Elston updated his status, offered footage from his hand-held phone, and wrote:

I’m all good. Just waiting for an x-ray on my forearm but I’ll be fine. I used it to block several pylon hits. They took my sign with the bodycam but I managed to film them with my phone during the tail end of the assault.

Soon thereafter, he tweeted:

I was having peaceful conversations on Saint-Catherine Street, joined by a local man. A bunch of these thugs suddenly swarmed me, I’m told there were about 7.

But, of course, Antifa can’t tolerate peaceful conversations. They have to engage in fascistic attacks against peaceful people because, of course, Antifa is… er… “Anti-fascist.” 

After a couple of hours spent in the emergency room, Elston was able to tweet again, giving more details, and confirming that, indeed, the thugs claiming they love “the little guy” had broken his arm.

My left forearm is broken, but I feel worse for my new friend who came out to support. He took a blow and had his expensive watch broken.

Well, there we go. A victory against capitalism. Heroic Antifa gets to smash the idols of capitalism like, er, timepieces, gets to break arms, and gets to tear down “oppressive” facts such as the reality that kids can’t give consent to puberty blockers – all in lovely Canada.

How lovely that a man and a friend can’t peacefully express their thoughts in peace. It’s almost as if leftists don’t like free speech, but, instead, like to push people around, and threaten them, as ways to control speech. 

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How strange that such a thing might manifest in a nation that, since the 2016 passage of statute C-16, sees the government threaten virtually any business-person who does not use the “pronoun” another person demands when frequenting a shop. How strange that this kind of thing might arise in a nation where University of Toronto psychology professor and philosophical commentator Jordan Peterson was maligned and surrounded for defending the right to choose his own words and when and where he might attenuate his “pronoun use” based on each personal interaction…

As Bruce Pardy wrote about C1-16 at the time for National Post:

In other words, failure to use a person’s pronoun of choice — ‘ze,’ ‘zir,’ ‘they’ or any one of a multitude of other potential non-words — will land you in hot water with the commission. That, in turn, can lead to orders for correction, apology, Soviet-like ‘re-education,’ fines and, in cases of continued non-compliance, incarceration for contempt of court. This peril is exactly what Peterson warned of in his video, for which he was mocked for scaremongering.

And now, we see a gang attack a peaceful man on the streets of Montreal, simply for holding a sign expressing the truth, the statutory reality, and the sentiment that changing a child’s hormones to stop puberty can be seen as abuse.

Oh, Canada indeed.

But this insanity is not solely the purview of Canadian leftists. It is a pervasive mindset found in virtually every faction of the left, from Antifa to Black Lives Matter (which originally posted its Marxist desire to destroy the nuclear family, then removed the statement from the official site), to university professors, to the federal and many state and local governments.

Expression of opinions and the voluntary adoption of peaceful social adjustments are natural outgrowths of free will, but opinions backed by violence and threats of state punishment – such as Joe Biden’s Jan 20 Executive Order mandating that health insurance providers cover gender transition drugs and surgery, that landlords must rent to transsexuals, and, much more -- are unnatural and unethical.

They are no better than the violent thugs who attacked Elston in Montreal. 

And it’s important to recognize that fact.