Antifa Strikes Again! Calls for Police Abolition During 'Planned Riot' in Tacoma, Wash.

Nick Kangadis | January 25, 2021

I’m still searching for a reason as to why governments around the country — if they’re so powerful as the ridiculous display they put on during last week’s inauguration of President Joe Biden — haven’t done anything in combatting the domestic terrorist group Antifa. Authorities will make arrests here and there, but these punks usually don’t see much jail time, if any.

Maybe it’s because these criminals half do the bidding of the left and their propaganda. The problem is that these worms really only care about themselves and what they can try to intimidate others into giving them. Think fascists, which is ironically who they claim to fight against.

Just as they’ve done every weekend for God knows how long now, Antifa rioted, clashed with police and vandalized whatever they could vandalize. This weekend the majority of their actions came in Tacoma, Washington after it was reported that a police cruiser drove through a crowd of people that surrounded and pounded on the vehicle.

Reportedly, there was a large police presence, but it doesn't look like they did a whole lot in preventing Antifa from doing what they did.

As usual, video from around the internet has surfaced of Antifa’s criminal actions — actions if you or I did, by the way, we’d be arrested immediately for carrying out. Journalist Andy Ngo cultivated clips from other journalists that allow Antifa to tell their own story of destruction while authorities seemingly sit back and watch.

Here’s video of Antifa criminals putting up blockades for their “planned riot”:

And to the surprise of no one that actually knows what Antifa has done over the last few years, here’s footage of other criminal acts the group engaged in:




For good measure, here’s another predictable Antifa action - shining a light on people’s homes while calling for the abolition of police:

Oh, and if you really want to know how supremely stupid the folks in Antifa are, here's video of them trying to take down a fence surrounding the Pierce County Jail. Their reported aim was to release all the prisoners:


Wait, what? Antifa’s burning things? Who knew? Oh, that’s right — anyone with a working pair of eyes over the last few years:

It’s way past time for authorities to round up these kids, and the adults that never grew up, and make a legal example out of at least one of them. Let them try the things they do in prison. Let’s see how long that lasts.