Antifa Sets Fire to ICE Facility With Agents Still Inside

Brittany M. Hughes | April 11, 2021
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Those wondering what it looks like to use an "insurrection" for political purposes might point to the riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, where Democrats quickly - and inaccurately - painted a hasty picture of an angry mob trying to take over an entire country.

Those interested in knowing what an actual insurrection looks like need look no further than Portland….last weekend. And pretty much every weekend before that.

According to this, violent Antifa arsonists, who’ve spent the better part of several years rampaging throughout the city on a near-nightly basis, lit the outside of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Portland on fire with agents reportedly still trapped inside the building.

Thankfully, the fires were put out and no one inside was injured – this time. 

Another clip from the incident shows a group taunting police officers and accusing them of beating their wives and other obscenities (warning: language that’ll make you want to throatpunch a protester).

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"Do you enjoy putting kids in cages?” one protester can be heard in the clip screaming. 

“Are you married? Do you have a family? Do you beat your wife?" more yelled.

The violent “anti-fascist” group has become well known for attacking federal buildings, as well as private stores, housing units and public spaces, particularly in Northwestern cities like Portland and Seattle. 


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