Antifa Rioters Pull Down Statues of Abraham Lincoln & Teddy Roosevelt, Because of...Columbus Day?

Nick Kangadis | October 12, 2020
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The communist Antifa group continued their domestic terrorism Sunday evening by pulling down two of the greater presidents the U.S. has ever seen — President Abraham Lincoln and President Theodore Roosevelt.

Journalist Andy Ngo shared footage of the Lincoln statue after it was pulled to the ground:

It looks as though Antifa is not only against freedom and an American republic, but by taking down the Lincoln statue, are they saying that they’re for slavery? Just playing the game as they set it up.

CBS News reported on the Roosevelt statue being taken down, and noted that “protest organizers” called their event the “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage” as an excuse to destroy things because they want us to think they care about the originally termed Columbus Day.

Cry me a river, “activists.” You know what you call people who throw a tantrum when something isn’t the exact way they want it? Children. And that seems to be the maturity level of those in Antifa who destroy because their local leaders are such wimps that they’re allowed to get away with it.

Here’s video of attempts to take down the Roosevelt statue, which reportedly was successful in the end:

Communists gonna communist, I guess.