Antifa, Other Communists Terrorized Rutgers University Ahead of Candace Owens/Charlie Kirk Event

Nick Kangadis | March 22, 2023
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The communist losers in Antifa donned their best black, emo clothing — most likely procured at the closet Hot Topic — swung around their finest Marxist and multi-colored Alphabet mafia flags and chanted their little hearts out to protest fascism by attempting to fascistically stomp on the free speech of those they disagree with — or were told they disagree with by their Bovine Gender Studies professors.

The place? Rutgers University. The reason? Political commentators Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk were going to speak at the college, and the emotionally crippled Antifa members — along with other garden variety communists — just couldn’t have that.

“F**k off, Nazis!” the unintelligent, but highly educated protesters chanted.

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And there you have it. We have history, ladies, gentleman and all of the other 3,762 genders! Candace Owens is apparently the first black, American Nazi — if you ask the mentally deranged Antifa cowards.

The most offensive thing is that these cranially depressed group of perpetual victims knows nothing about World War II or the Nazis that carried out a genocide.

Owens and Kirk were at the college for a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) speaking event, which continued as scheduled despite the cries from the communists outside.


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