Antifa Members Arraigned On Riot, Assault Charges

Eric Scheiner | December 8, 2021
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10 people accused of having ties to Antifa, were arraigned in San Diego Monday, accused of violently attacking at least 16 people.

The Antifa members disrupted a “Patriot March” on January, 9th and prosecutors claim they committed “violent criminal acts.”

"Video evidence analysis shows that overwhelmingly the violence in this incident was perpetrated by the Antifa affiliates and was not a mutual fray with both sides crossing out of lawful First Amendment expression into riot and violence," District Attorney Summer Stephan’s office said in a news release. 

At one point, a line of 20 to 25 counter protesting individuals advanced on a smaller group of four people from the Patriot March, yelling obscenities at them and screaming for them to run. One member 

of the group, who was dressed in black with their face covered, pulled out a can of pepper spray and sprayed it in their faces. The smaller group was attacked with chairs, sticks, glass bottles, full alcohol/beer cans and closed fists as they were chased down the boardwalk. 

The Antifa-affiliated group surrounded several minors who they believed to be attending the Patriot March, sprayed them with mace and chased them up the boardwalk, shoving one of the minors to the ground. The minor was surrounded and beaten resulting in the minor victim being taken to the hospital to be treated for a concussion. 

10 of the alleged attackers were arrested last week across Southern California. They face multiple charges, including conspiracy to commit a riot, assault and vandalism.


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