Antifa Member Involved in 2020 BLM Riot Calls for Death of Journalist Andy Ngo

Nick Kangadis | March 21, 2022
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Oh, those cute and cuddly terrorists in the far-left, fascist tactic using group, Antifa — which ironically is supposed to stand for “anti-fascist.” It wouldn’t be a day ending in “y” if they didn’t harass or threaten someone or group that doesn’t adhere to their every whim and ill-informed stance.

AZ Free News recently reported on yet another instance of a member of the violent group threatening someone who reports the truth about their communist insanity. Of course, their favorite target is journalist Andy Ngo.

Marysa Levya, who is reportedly an Arizona State University (ASU) graduate, certified nursing assistant (CNA) and member of Antifa, called for the death of Ngo after he was “falsely” inserted into a Portland shooting case.

Ngo tweeted that “Disinfo #antifa accounts” spread “false claims” about the journalist, stating that he had posted a “flyer” about an Antifa event at which the shooting took place. Ngo tweeted screenshots of the tweets from alleged Antifa members attempting to implicate him as some kind of accessory to the crime, along with the call for his death.

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“oh okay so it’s time for And* Ng* to f**king die HEARD,” the grammatically deficient tweet, allegedly from Levya, said.

According to AZ Free News:

As Ngo reported, Leyva’s original account, @antifash_m, was suspended for violating Twitter rules. Leyva then made her backup account, @BirdAppFugitive, private after Ngo discovered it; sometime that same week, that secondary account was also suspended. Leyva’s bio describes the account as a slander account for Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel, who is under investigation by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the State Bar of Arizona for her sobriety and absence at work.

Leyva was one of 15 individuals who received controversial and later dropped street gang charges for her involvement in the August 2020 Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest, which included assisting a criminal street gang, aggravated assault on an officer, rioting, unlawful assembly, resisting arrest, and obstructing a public thoroughfare.

It’s actually kind of funny — in a dark humor kind of way — that Antifa calls for equality and tolerance while either physically intimidating people into compliance if they don’t willingly or verbally accosting people that don’t fall in line with their backward ideological stances.

So much equality. So much tolerance.