ANTIFA May Be Planning on Desecrating Graves in Gettysburg

Bryan Michalek | June 28, 2017
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Event officials are preparing for protests this upcoming weekend that will take place during the 154th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg.

According to, officials are working with the U.S. Park Police, the Pennsylvania State Police, and local law enforcement to maintain order during the potentially troublesome weekend. A few groups have applied and received permits to attend the anniversary but several other rallies have been announced over the weekend that  have not obtained the proper permits

Katie Lawhon, a Gettysburg National Military Park spokeswoman, said of the news that they are making “accommodations for people who want to exercise their First Amendment rights,” and, “Our goal is to ensure that public safety and visitor safety is number one and that park resources are preserved.” Lawhon also said in a statement that in addition to permitted marches, there are two reenactments that will be taking place.

There are now unsubstantiated reports coming out that ANTIFA analogues are planning to burn Confederate flags and desecrate graves on social media sites and, because of this, counter-protesters are also being called into to gather. A post from Harrisburg100 claimed, “'AN-TIFA’ are planning on holding a rally at Gettysburg National Battlefield on July 1st in protest of President Trump and asks it’s members to ‘Bring and Burn Confederate Flags.”

A month ago, a post emerged of someone claiming that ANTIFA have an event planned for July 1, between the hours of 3 and 6 p.m., at the Gettysburg National Memorial Park cemetery. In the post the user says, “There is an event set up on Facebook that calls for the desecration of Confederate cemeteries on Confederate Memorial Day. Specifically, on Saturday, May 13, 3-6 PM, this group intends to target Old Marietta Confederate Cemetery. They intent to burn CBFs (Confederate Battle Flags) and/or urinate on graves. They also have an event scheduled for July 1st, 3-6 PM, at Gettysburg National MEmorial Park cemetery.”

The post continued, “Facebook hasn’t taken this event off their page. The group urges their followers to ‘find their local Confederate graves’ to desecrate.”

In response to the May 13 event, several groups gathered to protect the cemeteries but found no protesters in a report by 11alive. It is unknown whether the event was a prank or just called off in the face of news that armed groups would protect the graves. The event was posted by the group “Trolling Trumpsters” who posted the following:

With July 1 rapidly approaching, several people will be keeping an eye out to see what happens over the anniversary weekend, and although the May 13 event hadn’t panned out, it is very important that everyone in Gettysburg stay safe and keep vigilant. ANTIFA has displayed troubling tactics before and they are very capable of committing the acts they are being accused of planning.

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