Antifa Harasses, Intimidates & Allegedly Assaults People at Portland #HimToo Rally

Nick Kangadis | November 19, 2018
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What would a weekend be if Antifa didn’t cause some kind of public disturbance? They’re intolerant people with a radical agenda to change the face of the country we all love — a Communistic utopia, if you will.

Antifa showed up at an organized #HimToo rally on Saturday in Portland, Ore. — Portland, go figure — to combat what they see as fascism. That’s when Antifa’s own fascism took center stage. The #HimToo event was organized by “Portland resident” Haley Adams, a woman who developed the movement in order to call for men receiving due process when being accused of sexual or domestic abuse.

Quillette editor Andy Ngo was at the rally to document the happenings of the demonstration and ended up being accosted and, according to Ngo, “assaulted.”

Here’s video of one of the altercation Ngo had with Antifa (Notice the evil, vindictive tone the triggered Antifa member spoke to Ngo with):

The animals of Antifa have class and it’s all low. The group that likes to act like bullies towards people who hold different beliefs from themselves are complete cowards with their constantly masked faces. Tough guys don’t need to hide behind hoods. The Ku Klux Klan wore white hoods. Antifa wears black hoods. Both do so to conceal their identities, acknowledging that what they do is questionable at best.

As The Daily Caller reported, the event’s Facebook page provided a statement on the purpose for such a movement:

#HimToo has nothing to do with Politics but to stand up for MenToo. The left is making this political but it isn’t. Men & their families are starting to become very nervous about today’s blame projecting & it’s time to stand up for them together as we do women. Giving them a day to speak about how they feel, what they have gone through & believe it or not they are excited that we are not forgetting them. Instead of putting one or the other on a pedestal men and women should be working together, maybe this is a start.

The rally was attended by a few dozen people, including some from the controversial right-wing group, Patriot Prayer.

As for Ngo, he decided to put all of the video clips he posted to Twitter into one compilation of Antifa hatred. You can watch the video below:


According to the Stateman-Journal, six people were arrested during the event, though the Statesman didn’t mention Antifa once.

Antifa are essentially masked cowards who wouldn’t be so tough outside of their gestapo-eqsue crew. They intimidate, harass and assault people for not being exactly like them. They’re basically fascist sheep in wolves clothing.