Antifa Brags About Their Violence – Leading To 5 Arrests

Eric Scheiner | August 22, 2022
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Perhaps Antifa would get away with even more of their fascist actions - if they didn’t brag about it online.  

The San Diego Reader reports that transcripts of the May 2022 grand jury proceedings that resulted in 11 indictments in June for conspiracy and assault, show an Instagram post and a Reader cover photo helped authorities nab five Antifa activists who allegedly attacked people in Pacific Beach on January 9, 2021.


According to prosecutors,  Luis Mora, Bryan Rivera, Martin Talab, and Christian Martinez are shown attacking a victim in the cover photo of the February 25, 2021 San Diego Reader - “San Diego’s antifascists turn fascist” – and the suspects posted and commented on the image on the Instagram page of another defendant.

The Reader reports:

The cover photo was taken by JC, a photojournalist who is named in the indictments as one of Antifa’s victims. It shows a scene from a five-on-one fight with an elderly man, another named victim. A detective alleged Martinez is pictured on the left holding out pepper spray, Rivera is in the middle kneeing the man, Mora is on the right punching him, and Talab is behind Martinez, having swiped at the man.

A DA investigator explained the Instagram chat to the jury. “It starts out with Rivera saying, ‘We made the front page, boys.’ Mora replies, ‘Whoa! F__ the San Diego Reader for false info, but this shot is pretty.’ Rivera makes the statement, ‘I kneed that MF.’ Martinez replies, ‘..We made it. I was there tryna spray his a__.’ Mora replies, ‘…He got decked.’ 

“Martinez replies, ‘Bro, we’ve got to re-live this moment again.’ Talab then says, ‘Got caught slipping street fight mode…My dogs have my back.’ Rivera says in capitals, ‘We’ve got to get our hands on this article.’”

Prosecutors say after the suspects from the cover photo were identified, most were traced to an Antifa cell in Los Angeles. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detectives worked with San Diego authorities to serve search and arrest warrants.

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