'Antifa,' 'BLM' Assault Man at Beverly Hills Pro-Trump Rally for Not Letting Them Steal His Flag

Nick Kangadis | November 2, 2020
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There’s a reason these violent, far-left “activist” groups are communists. They need the numbers, because they’re cowards on their own. They attack people they politically disagree with simply for holding other beliefs. There used to be a term for that — it was called terrorism.

During a Trump rally in Beverly Hills, Calif. over the weekend, Alleged Black Lives Matter activists and members of the domestic terrorist group Antifa assaulted a man because he wouldn’t let them steal his American flag from him. The man initially held his own against a violent extremist that attempted to take the man’s flag from him, but once the man began to fight back, other black-clad extremists jumped into the fray and began criminally assaulting the man.

Make no mistake, these people are criminals. It’s just that nothing happens to them anymore.

Here’s video of the altercation, beginning with video of what apparently led up to the assault:


That guy couldn’t have been 100 percent after that rabid onslaught by the criminals, but he seemed to have enough power of his own to withstand the assault before police eventually decided to break up the beating.

It’s unfortunate, but expect to see a lot more political violence, particularly from the far-left, regardless of who wins the election on November 3. Every event is simply used as an excuse for “useful idiots” to violently push their communist agenda.