Antifa Beats Reporters While Media Ignores Violence

Eric Scheiner | September 23, 2021
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“More often than not, antifa’s attacks on the press have gone ignored, with the police typically standing back in the current climate of hostility toward law enforcement,” a RealClear Investigations article published Thursday reports.

Real Clear’s Mark Hemingway focuses on the Antifa violence against reporters in Portland, Ore. Hemingway notes the attacks run across the political spectrum, including violence on journalists Andy Ngo, Maranie Staab, and Nancy Rommelmann. 

Although the attacks have generated sporadic news coverage, Ngo and other journalists complain that media organizations have not done enough to defend them. Following the attack on Maranie Staab, the Oregon chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists issued a statement noting that ‘assaulting journalists runs counter to the ideals of our democracy’ before adding, ‘This isn’t the first time SPJ Oregon has had to issue a statement like this.’ 

In her interview, Rommelmann claims the media are ignoring the violence because they don’t want antifa’s extremism to be seen as discrediting to liberal causes.

 “I can tell you that 100% of the people that have attacked and continue to attack me, they're all on the left – all of them. And I consider myself a liberal,” Rommelmann said.

For the complete article from RealClear Investigations, click here.

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