'F**k you, Snitch A** News B***h': ANTIFA Attack Reporter in Charlottesville


While the sparsely attended “Unite the Right 2” rally this weekend in Washington, D.C., was rather peaceful, the same can’t be said for the rally that took place in Charlottesville. 

It was there, that the leftist Antifa got violent.

NBC reporter Cal Perry was at the protest that Antifa was participating in when one of the Antifa members yells “f**k you, snitch a** news b***h” at him and proceeds to get violent. Fortunately, it was all caught on camera.

Several other reporters came to Perry’s defense including CNN’s Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter.

Oh, but Antifa’s aggressive, violent tendancies certainly didn’t stop there. During the counter-protest, Antifa members were reportedly shouting chants like “AK-47, put the cops in piggy heaven,” and, “all cops are racist, you better face it.”

The police officers collected a whole slew of items that could be used as weapons including brass knuckles, razors, and pliers in voluntary searches before people entered.

Of course, there’s always an excuse for these terrorist-like groups like Antifa. One writer for Vox wrote, “The argument for antifa activists is that the current crop of right-wing protesters — which are partly but not entirely made up of neo-Nazis, KKK members, and other white supremacists and nationalists — are so extreme that they must be stopped swiftly and even violently.”

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