Anti-Trumpers Plan Another 'Strike,' Because the First Two Worked So Well

Brittany M. Hughes | April 6, 2017
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As impossible as it may seem, it appears that liberal stupidity may be getting stronger.

Left-wing anti-Trump amnesty activists are planning yet another strike aimed at calling attention to the crucial role they say immigrants play in the American economy. Because that first strike worked out so well.

The “Rise Up” event is apparently a joint project by the Center for Community Change Action, Reform Immigration For America, and the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, and calls for “torchbearers” to “resist” President Donald Trump’s immigration policies by refusing to work, shop or attend school on May 1.

Here’s their pretty lackluster rallying cry, via the project website:

If you’re ready to resist, become a torchbearer! Torchbearers are a group of people ready to RISE UP and stop attacks against immigrants. Torchbearers believe that any attack on immigrants is an attack on all of us. On May 1st, we will rise up to defend our immigrant neighbors and friends!

If you’re feeling a weird sense of déjà vu, it’s because this same exact thing has happened before. The Great Minds-In-Pussy-Hats behind the Women’s March previously organized a Day Without Immigrants in February, in which a bunch of foreign-born workers (and, I guess, random liberal supporters) refused to go to work in order to make some kind of political point.

It ended up resulting in exactly nothing, of course, other than to get a bunch of them canned from their jobs for playing hooky.

The Women's March organizers then held the embarassingly fruitless Day Without a Woman, which also did nothing other than force lots of working moms to either lose a day of work or call in last-minute childare, while simultaneously causing thousands of children, including little girls, to miss a day of education.

I expect this next left-wing middle-finger-to-the-man will be just as ineffective as the first two, and likely even more so. But at least it gives us all something to point and laugh at as it rolls by.

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