Anti-Trump Protesters Accost Rep. Dan Crenshaw On Capitol Hill - and His Response Is Perfect

Brittany M. Hughes | September 20, 2019

A group of self-described anti-Trump veterans accosted Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw in the halls of Congress Thursday, loudly accusing him of refusing to do his “duty” by not supporting calls for impeachment against the president. The group, which filmed the altercation on cell phones and posted the video on social media, then accused Crenshaw of “hiding in an elevator.”

Unfortunately for these activists, their own footage shows otherwise.

“We need your leadership right now,” an activist told Crenshaw as he followed the lawmaker down the hall. “You cannot be complicit in this man’s crimes. It is immoral.”

The increasingly irate man then accused Crenshaw of not “stepping up to the plate” and allowing Trump to “keep kids in cages” at the border, continually speaking over Crenshaw as he tried to respond to the accusations.

When Crenshaw stepped into an elevator reserved for members of Congress only, the activist – now even more aggressive – followed him through the door and initially refused to leave, even after Crenshaw calmly explained the elevator was off-limits to the general public.

“You’re not going to let a fellow veteran into the elevator?” a second protester accused.

Crenshaw’s response was all that was needed. Watch: