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A Pissed Off Football Fan Is Blasting the NFL With Angry Billboards


A digital billboard going up near the StubHub Center in Los Angeles will display five anti-NFL messages for the next three weeks, all thanks to then efforts of an angry football fan who became unhappy after the Chargers (his favorite team) were relocated from San Diego. 

Joseph MacRae, the billboard's brainchild, raised more than $10,000 on GoFundMe from assumedly other angry fans. On the page, MacRae wrote "This isn't just for San Diego fans. This is for Oakland fans and St. Louis fans as well. Your cities didn't deserve this and most importantly, you didn't deserve this."

MacRae also promised the messages on the billboards will include #Oakland and #STL.

According to ESPN, the billboards run will coincide with the Chargers' three home games this month starting Sunday as they host the Miami Dolphins. 

In a statement to Fox5 San Diego, MacRae claimed that the billboard company assured him that they will not allow the NFL to block or obstruct the billboards during their three-week run. 

MacRae released some of the images the billboards will display on his Twitter profile:

MacRae's gotten positive responses both on Twitter and the GoFundMe, with many fans praising his actions after being scorned by team relocations in their own parts of the country. 

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