Anti-Mandate Protesters in NYC: 'Dinner on a Wednesday Night Shouldn't be a Civil Right!'

Nick Kangadis | October 1, 2021
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As we all know, some protests and protesters can be a little — for lack of a better term — nutty. But, depending on what they’re protesting, it shouldn’t take away from the overarching message.

A group of New Yorkers went to multiple Manhattan restaurants Wednesday evening in order to protest the vaccine mandates that prevent those that are unvaccinated from patronizing businesses in the city.

“Dinner on a Wednesday night shouldn’t be a civil right!” the protesters chanted at one point.

The protesters were respectful of law enforcement after a restaurant owner or manager had enough of the protest and wanted them to leave his establishment. Once the owner or manager asked for the protesters to leave in front of a police officer, the protesters left without a problem.

That didn’t prevent the protesters from going to another restaurant and protesting the mandate there.

“We’re not leaving without eating!” the group also chanted.

Mandates are affecting people all over the world, and while we’re seeing protests spring up, that isn’t preventing local and federal governments from implementing further authoritarianism on their citizens.

For video of the Manhattan protest, watch below: