Anti-Israel Protesters Target Hummus




What’s more dangerous: Hamas or Hummus?



Yes, it’s a stupid question, but one that I, nonetheless, found myself asking, on a rainy night in Georgetown a couple days ago.

That evening, a group of pro-Palestinian protesters targeted their Anti-Israel ire at a Washington, DC restaurant that makes dishes using delicious Sabra Hummus.   


Well, according to the protesters, The Strauss Group--which is one of the companies that owns Sabra--provides care packages and financial aid to Israeli Defense Forces. 


In keeping with the traditional anti-Israel talking points, the protesters insisted that the Israeli Defense Forces are guilty of all kinds of horrific abuses of the Palestinians.  So, in order to fight back, the protesters stood in front of a temporary Sabra Hummus restaurant in the Georgetown area of Washington DC and encouraged passersby to boycott this particular condiment. 

It was hilarious!

"I don't even know what my sign says," one protester told me.

Not particularly wanting to get into another fight with protesters over the use of human shields by Hamas or whether Hamas is or is not a terrorist group, I decided to have a little fun and try to get these protesters to explain why the pro-Palestinian movement in the United States has been reduced to boycotting a delicious dipping sauce.

The protesters also did not hesitate to make an analogy between what they see as Israel’s “occupation” of Palestinian lands and Israel’s supposed appropriation of Hummus as a national dish when, in fact, according to them, they stole that from the native people of the Middle East, as well. 

And, when I asked if Israel has the right to exist, one protester bluntly declared, "No, they do not."

The exchanges got testy pretty fast.

I know it’s ridiculous.  But, I simply refused to miss an opportunity to expose this nonsensical display and give our loyal viewers a few laughs.  

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