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Anti-Cop Protesters Call Police ‘KKK,’ Give Finger to Law Enforcement Rally

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About 200 people rallied to support police in St. Louis on Saturday. About 30 counter-protesters also arrived to bash police, according to

One video, by BassemMasri, is especially telling about the event. It shows protesters calling the police “KKK,” saying the crowd was missing their hoods, and more. One young woman wearing a red coat is seen repeatedly giving the finger to the pro-police protesters (see video).

At times the event became more of chant and counter chant. “We support our police,” did battle with “You can’t stop the revolution.”

Deray McKesson, one of the Ferguson protest leaders, took to Twitter to bash the original event. “Yesterday, the 'pro police' rally highlighted just how desperate and afraid white supremacy becomes as black people begin to unite,” he wrote.

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