Another McEnany Media Smackdown: 'If it were any Other President of the United States, the Media Would Take Him at His Word'

Nick Kangadis | May 19, 2020
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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany just keeps serving up big slices of humble pie to the media and their reporters who only seem content to continue their game of 'Gotchya' with President Donald Trump.

McEnany spoke with reporters outside the White House for a couple of minutes between engagements and was asked about Trump's Monday announcement that he was taking the hydroxychloroquine and the subsequent letter from Navy commander and Trump presidential physician Dr. Sean Conley that was released later on Monday

The reporter asked McEnany about the Conley letter, how it "seemed very carefully written," and that "a lot of people said it doesn't explicitly that [Trump] was prescribed" the drug.

In what's becoming typical McEnany fashion, she had a one-liner ready that shut down the reporter's reaching question.

"Was there a reason why it wasn't clear?" the reporter asked.

"The reason is the President of the United States said it, and if it were any other President of the United States the media would take him at his word," McEnany instantly snapped back.

For the exchange between McEnany and the reporter, watch below:


The Conley letter briefly described the conversation between Trump and the physician concerning whether or not the president should take hydroxychloroquine.

Here's what Conley wrote in the letter:

As has been previously reporter, two weeks ago one of the President's support staff tested positive for COVID-19. The President is in very good health and has remained symptom-free. He receives regular COVID-19 testing, all negative to date.

After numerous discussions he [Trump] and I [Conley] had regarding the evidence for and against the use of hydroxychloroquine, we concluded the potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risks.

In consultation with our inter-agency partners and subject matter experts around the country, I continue to monitor the myriad studies investigating potential COVID-10 therapies, and I anticipate employing the same shared medical decision making based on the evidence at hand in the future. 

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