Another Fake Tough Guy: Hateful Leftist 'Journalist' Wants to 'Find an Anti-Masker and Beat Them to Death'

Nick Kangadis | January 5, 2021
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Some people are so ignorant, so lacking in common sense, rational thought and basic sanity that they call for the death of others in the name of saving lives. That’s got to be some kind of mental condition, and I’m not making light of mental health problems — hence why I consider it a problem. But when a member of the unhinged left goes on a rant calling for the death of others because those people don’t think exactly like they do, well, it’s time to call them out for their blatant and unabashed stupidity.

Enter leftist “journalist,” fake tough guy and New York Times bestselling author — as if that still means much anymore — Kurt Eichenwald.

In case you missed it, Eichenwald displayed his keyboard toughness on December 30th, sending out a tweet in which he literally said that he wants “to find an antimasker and beat them to death.” In a surprise move, Twitter actually removed Eichenwald’s tweet because it “violated the Twitter Rules.”

Here’s a screenshot of Eichenwald’s tweet, which was saved by The Blaze’s Sara Gonzalez:

Apparently, Eichenwald’s anger stems from his brother-in-law allegedly dying of the COVID. He subsequently sent out multiple tweets in which he called for the infection, death and suffering of “GOPrs,” Christians, radio host Dr. Drew Pinsky and supporters of President Donald Trump.

It might be easier to count all the people and/or groups that Eichenwald doesn't hate.

Eichenwald walked back his previous comments — kinda — by tweeting that it’s difficult “not to contemplate violence against those who don’t care if they kill.”

Those people Eichenwald is talking about “don’t care if they kill” only in the mind of Eichenwald. It’s a byproduct and possible delusion of anger, grief and frustration.

I understand being angry about a loved one dying, but calling for a the death of countless others because of your own grief just makes you look like a vengeful movie villain who target people who had nothing to do with your loss. These are the same people who have no problem killing a baby at any time up until birth — sometimes including after the birth.

The irony of someone calling for the death of others in the name of saving lives is lost on no one here, but Eichenwald clearly need to check himself. You shouldn't honor your loved one's memory by giving it a black eye with your brand of hate.

The left is full of fake tough guys who talk a good game, but never seem to want to back it up as long as they get the attention they so desperately crave on social media.

I'm not an "anti-masker." I don't like wearing them and won't when I don't have to, but if I need to get some groceries or something I'll wear one just to save myself the aggravation of someone screaming in my face.

If you want to see the poison that is Eichenwald’s Twitter account, click here. I won’t post every piece of hate he tweets. The article would never end.

Sorry for your loss, Kurt. But, that loss doesn’t entitle you to being a violent tyrant.

H/T: The Blaze