An Angry Bearded ‘Woman,’ ‘Family-Friendly’ Drag Shows & Oral Sex Gear For 13 Year-Olds

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | January 24, 2023
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Welcome to our newest MRCTV show, Woke of the Weak! On this show I’ll update you about the most woke, progressive, insane, and crazy clips and stories that the left thinks is tolerable and, well, point out why exactly they’re nuts. 

This week we heard a transgender woman’s sob story about how hard it is being trans…a choice he made himself. “Kaelie” was upset that people called him out for using the female restroom. His bearded self was so upset that he cursed out a mother and her children in anger. Boo who!

Next was from a “family-friendly” drag show where a drag queen crawled on the floor, collected paper money and even laid on the floor and slowly unfurled his leg to show off his crotch. Again, this was supposedly a “family-friendly” event. 

Another drag event was in Oklahoma. This one was a “Queer Prom” for “LGBTQ+ Youth & Allies Ages 13-21.” To make matters worse, organizers created “swag bags” for attendees to take as a party favor which were filled up with many different gadgets including condoms, lubricant and devices to help with oral sex.

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Two more clips made an appearance, one from someone who should seek psychiatric help and another who should probably do the same.  


That’s what’s up this week in the woke world of the WEAK left! 


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