Angels Above: Careening Car Goes Airborne Above Priest

Eric Scheiner | November 16, 2022
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The video above is hard to believe.

Father John Bok and his vehicle remain unscathed as a careening vehicle flies overhead after its young driver suffered a seizure and passed out.

The incident, caught on video, occurred in Ohio last month.

Catholic News Agency reports that 87-year old Father Bok was on his way to celebrate Sunday Mass when a car hurdling towards him went airborn at the latest second.

“It’s a miracle,” the Franciscan priest told CNA Tuesday of the near-death experience. 

Now retired — although he considers himself “semi” retired — Bok still helps to serve Mass at St. Andrew Catholic Church in Milford, Ohio. On Oct. 2, he was on his way to celebrate 9 a.m. Mass on the feast of the Guardian Angels.

Bok didn’t even know about the incident until after it happened.

A police officer approached Bok after Mass and informed him about the near collision, captured on video by a funeral home camera across the street.

“I was in amazement that it had happened,” Bok said. He said that the police officer updated him that the young man was OK after being admitted to the hospital. 

Bok was amazed that no one was killed or hurt. He said he has reflected on the event and knows that God had his hand in it. 

“One of the mysteries is that it would happen to be that Oct. 2 feast (of the Guardian Angels,” he said, adding, “I don’t know what God was thinking.” 

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