Andrew Klavan: Media Are ‘Corrupt System - Like Chicago Democrats'

Eric Scheiner | May 19, 2020
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Andrew Klavan sums up the American mainstream media succinctly as “a deeply, deeply corrupt system.”

The author, screenwriter and conservative commentator made the statement in a recent social media chat with Media Research Center President Brent Bozell, when the two where talking about the leftist bias the media has shown in handling the sexual assault accusations made against Joe Biden.

“The American press is a corrupt system. And it's a corrupt system, not just because it's biased toward the left," Klavan said. "It's a corrupt system, because during a time of consensus in the 1950s and 60s, when we had more consensus, the press became one big entity. We had three networks. We had, you know, basically a paper of record, The New York Times. Those places still have the power they had when they had consensus, but now they're just left wing entities"

"So we are dealing with a deeply, deeply corrupt system. When you have George Stephanopoulos, who silenced women for Bill Clinton  - running ABC (Stephanopoulos anchors Good Morning America for the network), which silenced the Jeff Epstein story, when Hillary Clinton is running and nobody thinks to say, hey, George, what did you have to do with spiking the Jeff Epstein story during the Hillary Clinton case? Nobody asks him. No one has asked him. We have a corrupt system. It's corrupt - like Chicago Democrats are corrupt. And we really have to change that system from the ground up.”

Watch the interview video above, Klavan's quoted comments come near the 27 minute mark.