Andrew Bogut Calls Out IOC For Poor Olympic Village Conditions

Josh Luckenbaugh | August 2, 2016

NBA center Andrew Bogut, a member of the Australian basketball team at the Rio Olympics, took to Twitter Monday night to rant about the poor living conditions in the Australian team's building, introducing the ironic hashtag "#IOCLuxuryLodging":



Bogut's following tweet quickly went viral, featuring a picture of him putting together his own shower curtain:



Athletes staying in the Olympic village are provided with a single sized bed. But with his 7'0", 260-pound frame, Bogut didn't seem convinced that he could sleep in such a small bunk:



Bogut concluded with one final jab at the IOC, calling organizers out for giving themselves far better accommodations than the athletes:



The Australian contingent at the Rio Olympics as a whole has had a rough experience in the host city so far, to say the least. The team initially refused to move in to their designated building in the athletes' village, citing such issues as "blocked toilets, leaking pipes, exposed wiring, darkened stairwells [...] and dirty floors." Then after they did move in, two laptops and several shirts were stolen from their rooms last Friday as the team evacuated because of a fire in the basement. 

If Bogut continues to experience problems in the athletes' village, he should work his connections on the United States basketball team and snag a spot on their luxury cruise ship