And 'Justice' for Who? Man Free on Bond After Admitting to Killing Teen with Car Because He was 'Republican'

Nick Kangadis | September 22, 2022
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There needs to be a serious talk about our “justice” system, or lack thereof.

Shannon Brandt, the 41-year-old man from North Dakota who reportedly admitted to mowing down and killing an 18-year-old because he thought the young man was part of a “Republican extremist group,” was set free from jail after posting his $50,000 bond, according to Fox News.

As reported by the outlet:

Shannon Brandt, 41, spent just days in a Stutsman County Jail on criminal charges related to the death of 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson before he posted his $50,000 bond and was released, according to county jail records. Brandt did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s email inquiry on Thursday. 

Brandt, a Glenfield resident, was arrested in the early morning hours of Sunday after he told the state first responders’ radio that "he struck the pedestrian because the pedestrian was threatening him," according to a probable-cause affidavit provided to Fox News Digital on Wednesday morning. 

However, per all reports so far, Brandt has provided no details as to the nature of the threats. And, as The Post Millennial noted, 18-year-old victim Cayler Ellingson was allegedly trying to get away from Brandt after the conclusion of a reported “street dance” event he was participating in and called his mother for help as he attempted to flee.

Per a “probably-cause affidavit” obtained by Fox News Digital, the alleged murderer feared Eliingson was on the phone to call in reinforcements to come “get him,” which just sounds like the mindset of someone who is a paranoid, politically-radicalized person.

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“Brandt stated that the pedestrian called some people and Brandt was afraid they were coming to get him," the document states. "Brandt admitted to State Radio that he hit the pedestrian and that the pedestrian was part of a Republican extremist group.”

Political commentator and podcaster Tim Pool commented on Brandt’s released, comparing it with “conservatives” who were falsely vilified in the establishment media and online, and therefore unjustly persecuted by activists masquerading as DAs.

“Think about any other circumstance that we’ve seen in this country, and it’s always the same story,” Pool said.

“Just a couple weeks after [President] Joe Biden said ‘[MAGA Republicans] are a threat, a paranoid and psychotic man fears an 18-year-old kid and claims he’s being threatened gets in his vehicle, runs him down,” Pool added.

Well, because of our broken justice system — which leftist activists claimed was broken before advocating to permanently wreck it — an “alleged” murderer is free on the streets because some of those same leftist activists are the ones who molded our current iteration of the “justice” system.

Oh, and just a little tidbit that very few are talking about — Brandt was intoxicated when he “allegedly” murdered Ellingson, with his blood-alcohol level (BAC) reportedly above the legal limit. But, driving while impaired wasn’t one of the charges filed against him.


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