Amy Schumer Pitches Colorado As ‘Premier Destination’ … For What? ABORTIONS

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | September 29, 2022
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On today’s list of people I cannot stand: Amy Schumer.

In an elevator-pitch style, Amy Schumer promoted her show “Inside Amy Schumer.” Schumer advocated for women to visit Colorado for its best attraction: being a state that supports the slaughter of the unborn. 


“Amy Schumer presents her elevator pitch for why Colorado is the premier destination for a last-minute trip, and why you should at least keep it on your radar (uh, just in case …),” Paramount listed in the video description on YouTube

The series is set to air on Paramount Plus at the end of October but the promo was enough to verify that I will not be tuning in. 

The whole video, Schumer danced around the idea of abortion without explicitly saying it. 

“But we’re more than just beautiful wilderness,” Schumer explained when listing all the pros of Colorado. “We also have bustling town centers and access to all the services [dramatic pause] you may need.” 

A clip of a “Women’s Health Clinic” played on the screen when Schumer said the word “services” and then the image of a hospital bed with foot stirrups (commonly used in GYN or abortion facilities) flashed on the screen. 

Obviously Schumer is advocating for Colorado’s main "pro" --- abortion access. 

The video featured a husband and wife couple who explained that visiting Colorado was on their “bucket list of things to do before we die” then the woman explained that she “might have” died if she hadn’t been able to visit Colorado. If it wasn’t clear, the woman was hinting at Colorado's extreme abortion availability and her thankfulness for it. 

Schumer's video also highlighted the story of one lady who boasted about her employer paying for her trip to Colorado “they covered travel and time off.” Here, the series was alluding to those hundreds of companies who pledged to help their employees kill their children with ease

Granted, all of these stories are inevitably scripted presentations and not actual testimonies .

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Another disturbing part of the video was when Schumer showed a map of the U.S. to give a visual representation of how and why Colorado is a “premier destination.” Colorado was highlighted in blue and Schumer pointed out how people in red-colored Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Nebraska or Oklahoma (places where life is valued) may want to visit Colorado. She also added that Illinois was “also an option” for a great vacay destination if you’ve got the goal of ending your pregnancy. 

At the end of the clip, Schumer walked viewers through the use of a private browser to check out different abortion service sites. She also made sure to encourage people to “subscribe to an encrypted VPN internet provider” and to delete search history.  

Schumer also insisted that these services are available “for a limited time only,” alluding to the dwindling opportunity to murder an innocent child (good!). 

It’s pretty cringe-inducing for people to be so adamant about killing kids that they have to make entire shows glamorizing it. This is not something I’ll be wasting my free time watching. That’s a promise. 

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