Amnesty International Really Doesn't Like the 'Freedom Convoy': 'Largely White-Dominated Protest Group'

Nick Kangadis | February 14, 2022
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Globalist non-governmental organization (NGO) Amnesty International showed how much they fight for “human rights” by painting those participating in the Freedom Convoy protests in Canada as violent racists, per a statement released by the NGO last Friday.

“Amnesty International Canada is deeply troubled by the reports of violence, harassment, intimidation, and hate speech which have surfaced since January 29th,” said Amnesty International Canada Secretary General Ketty Nivyabandi. “Nazi flags, Confederate flags, and other symbols of racism and hate exhibited have no room in peaceful protests. Equally concerning is the affiliation of some of the Convoy organizers with overtly racist, white supremacist groups.”

There has been no clear proof, besides government-funded media saying so, that the protests have been violent and that the individual who was allegedly carrying a Nazi flag or the person carrying a Confederate flag were part of the general protest. Sure, there's probably isolated incidents, but that's the exception and not the rule. It's unfortunately human nature to have a small portion of bad actors in any segment of any population.

I mean, what relevance does a Confederate flag have for people protesting mandates in a country that wasn’t involved in the Civil War serve? 

But that’s not all.

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Amnesty International also said in their “Freedom Convoy” statement that they demand an “impartial public inquiry” to answer “the failure of law enforcement agencies to respond swiftly and appropriately to reports of violence and harassment.”

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Amnesty International really hates that “permissive response afforded by the Ottawa Police to a largely white-dominated protest group.” Nevermind the fact that there have been people of different races and religions present at the protests.

That’s when Amnesty International’s Nivyabandi went on about an identity politics-based salad of oppression, because unless you include everyone — which the convoy has never stated otherwise — it’s just a racist, sexist, Alphabet Mafia offending protest.

“Amnesty International Canada expresses solidarity with the frontline organizations, including homeless and women’s shelters whose operations have been impacted by these protests, as well as 2SLGBTQI+ and racialized communities – particularly Jewish, Muslim, Black and Indigenous communities – who have been targeted by hate propaganda,” Nivyabandi said.

So tolerant. So brave. So beautiful.

Apparently Amnesty International only likes people fighting for freedom if they’re as diverse as the new “Lord of the Rings” series upcoming on Amazon.

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