'America's Sick of the Treason Committed By Democrats!' Big Disruption at Beginning of Monday's Trump Impeachment Hearings

Nick Kangadis | December 9, 2019
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Someone disrupted the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler's opening statement on Monday as he opened the impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump.

Video of the incident appear to show InfoWars host and correspondent Owen Shroyer interrupting Nadler's statement and shouting over Nadler's repeated banging of his gavel.

You can watch video of the incident below:


Here's a transcript of his comments:

Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party are committing treason in this country. You can kick me out, but he's the one committing crimes. You are Jerry Nadler! You're the one committing treason! America's done with it! America's sick of the treason committed by Democrats. I'm not going to sit here and watch you run an impeachment scam and remove our vote! We voted for Donald Trump and they're trying to remove him because they don't like him. Americans are sick of your impeachment scam! They're sick of the Democrats treason. We know who committed the crimes [sic], and it wasn't Trump. Trump is innocent.

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