Americans Who Eagerly Signed Petition to Remove 'Slave Owner' George Washington Won't Sign to Remove 'Slave Owner' Muhammad

Nick Kangadis | July 10, 2020
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He’s done it again! Journalist and filmmaker Ami Horowitz has released another video showing the hypocrisy and double-standards of people who say they want American statues removed because of slavery.

In the video, Horowitz goes around a section of New York City to find out if people are faithful to the public and radical media-driven perception that they want statues to come down because they owned slaves at one point or another. He asked participants if they would sign a petition to remove statues of Founding Father and former president George Washington, among other “statues of people who owned slaves in this country.”

The response? Regardless of the race of the participant, they all wanted to sign the petition to get rid of Washington and other Americans who owned slaves.

Their self-righteous signatures provided to virtue signal their “tolerance” went right out the window once Horowitz provided the name of another famous slave owner, Islamic prophet Muhammad.

“And then I want to take down a statue of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, ‘cause he also owned some slaves,” Horowitz said to the respondents who were all too eager to “cancel” Washington.

“Ok I don’t want to sign this,” one Washington signer said.

The response from all of the others were similar in that none of them would sign the Muhammad petition, with most simply saying “okay” and walking away.

It’s like I’ve been saying about all of the turmoil currently plaguing the country. It’s not about race, racism or slavery. It’s about rewriting American history to fit a narrative that makes the country that gave every one of the respondents in the video everything they have unrecognizable.

To view the video in question from Horowitz, watch below: