American Flag Used As Doormat by Fla. Art Professor for Exhibit

Nick Kangadis | January 30, 2018

While the phrase “love it or leave it” is a bit of cliche in the argument against people who disrespect our country, it might be the most appropriate response in this case. Tricking people into continually stepping on one of our country’s greatest symbols is tantamount to treason.

Florida art professor Lisa Rockford is displaying what she calls art, and one Marine Corps veteran wasn’t too pleased with her “exhibit.” According to Marine veteran Jess Karcher, indoctrinator Lisa Rockford took an American flag, cut it in half, painted it white, placed it on the floor as a doormat and called it art.

We have all of these indoctrinators, Socialists and Communists teaching American students why the U.S. is so evil, and at the same time enjoying capitalism on a daily basis.

Despite my disapproval of art like this, I recognize Rockford’s First Amendment right to free speech — and the Broward College echoed that sentiment in a statement to Campus Reform.

Is something like this art, or is it so egregious that it’s inexcusable?

Check out my full assessment of Rockford’s actions in the video above.