American Audiences Flock To Non-Woke Entertainment

John Simmons | August 8, 2022
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Countless movies and TV shows infuse their storylines with some form of the woke agenda with gay or even trans characters, revisionist takes on history and racial grievance storylines.

Most of these shows do not perform well because Americans strongly despise woke ideologies in entertainment. As if we needed more proof of this, two recent non-woke entertainment releases help paint this picture more clearly.

Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun: Maverick” became the seventh-highest grossing film domestically, earning a jaw-dropping $662 million in the United States alone. It surpassed “Titanic” as Paramount’s biggest film in the 110-year history of the studio. The sequel to the 1986 classic didn’t even have a trace of woke values, but was infused with a crazy joy ride of plane stunts, strong themes of healthy masculinity and reconciliation, and a feel-good ending that had audiences out of their seats and clapping.

If you haven’t seen it yet, let this trailer be your reminder to do so as soon as possible.

Amazon also released a show called “The Terminal List” starring Chris Pratt, a story about a Navy SEAL that avenges 12 of his fallen comrades. Like “Top Gun: Maverick,” there isn’t a hint of wokeness throughout the show and highlights the strength of our elite soldiers (though the ethics of the main character are definitely in question). On the week of July 4th alone, it was watched for 1.6 billion minutes.

While this show certainly isn’t for all audiences, it is nonetheless a worthwhile watch if you want a break from being inundated with woke values and ideas. 

These numbers show that there is still a large number of Americans that treasure timeless, non-woke values. That is encouraging to see.

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