Amazon Fixes Bad Reviews For Hillary's Book

Daniel Pickert | September 26, 2016
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Hillary Clinton’s new book, “Stronger Together,” received poor reviews and extremely low sales numbers after its release on Sept. 6.  Co-written by running mate Tim Kaine, the book sold only 2,912 copies in its first week, according to The Washington Times.

The book had gotten over 1,200 reviews at one point, with reviewers giving it an average rating of 1.7 out of 5 stars. Not to worry, though! Amazon made sure to correct that by removing vast numbers of 1-star reviews while leaving 5-star reviews remaining.

On Thursday, Amazon said there were 91 positive reviews of the book and 166 critical ones. However, just two days before, there were 1,244 total reviews, 81 of which were critical. Only 16 percent had given the book a five-star rating, according to Fox News.

In other words, within a two-day span, the customer reviews chart went from looking like this... looking like this:

One reader of Clinton’s book, Robert S. Lionel Jr., who gave a negative review wrote, “Every time I write my review it gets deleted, it’s so weird. Does anyone know where the servers are hosted that contain reviews?”

It seems Amazon users have caught on, as another review entitled “The Case of the Missing Reviews” reads, “By evening there were 983 reviews. The reviews were merciless and many quite funny (though mostly accurate). This morning I look and there’s 209 reviews. Hmmmmm, what happened to all those other reviews? Apparently Clinton has friends at Amazon.”

Amazon is the latest website allegedly manipulating information to help Hillary Clinton. This comes a few months after Google was accused of changing Hillary Clinton’s auto-complete search results to hide negative stories about her.

Despite all the trouble Amazon went to in censoring bad reviews of Hillary’s book, it appears to have been for naught. As of today, Sept. 26, the book has 1,825 total reviews, with 86 percent of those giving 1-star and only 10 percent giving 5-stars, as shown below:

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