Amazon Drops Video Ranking System After Queer Stories Found 'Off-Putting'

Eric Scheiner | April 6, 2023
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The Hollywood Reporter claims Amazon Studios dropped its audience ranking system after results showed audiences found “queer stories off-putting.”

Several Amazon insiders say the reliance on testing and data led to a clash late last summer, when an Amazon executive said in a marketing meeting for the series A League of Their Own that data showed audiences found queer stories off-putting and suggested downplaying those themes in materials promoting the show.

Of course a suggestion like that, one based on actual audience response, could not be accepted.

The Hollywood Reporter claims an Amazon series co-creator “became greatly concerned about bias built into Amazon’s system for evaluating shows, which multiple sources say often ranked broad series featuring straight, white male leads above all others.”

The majority of Americans don’t what to watch gay-themed stories - GASP! SOMETHING must be done.

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So what was the action? “Amazon took the issue seriously and dropped the system of ranking shows based on audience scores.”

Of course they did. You can’t give an audience what it wants – you have to jam a woke agenda down it’s throat.

H/T BoundingIntoComics.

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