Amazon Censors Best Selling, Innocent Kids Book

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | May 4, 2022
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Conservative commentator, writer, and speaker Matt Walsh is in a battle with the Amazon woke-warriors.

Walsh, authored a children's book called “Johnny the Walrus.” The story details the life of a young boy who likes to play pretend.

“Johnny the Walrus” was No. 1 on Amazon in the LGBTQ category until Amazon stripped that category title from it and deemed it political commentary. Amazon also declassified it as a children's book and removed ads for it.

The story follows Johnny as he pretends to be a walrus, and his mom, with the influence of the woke social media crowd, really believes her son is a walrus.

She then facilitates changes and procedures to transition Johnny into a walrus. The story is intended to serve as a comparison to transgendering kids, and encourages children to love who God made them to be. 

Per usual for the leftists, an outrage erupted among Amazon employees and customers. During a leadership session posted by Libs of TikTok, employees were apparently traumatized and shed actual tears over a cardboard book.

One customer even made up a crazy fallacy, and said the book encouraged bullying and suicide for transgender kids — none of which was actually mentioned in the book. 

Amazon not only declassified “Johnny the Walrus” as a children's book and removed ads for it. Walsh said in a tweet that Amazon also removed ads for his other book What is A Woman? 

It’s 2022, and apparently the definition of a woman is up for debate. 

While those books remain censored, Amazon sponsors a book called You-Ology that “promote[s] puberty blockers,” female erections and chemical castration and sterilization for kids, according to Walsh

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Big Tech and the left share a coordinated, woke agenda. That is it. An innocent children's book about accepting who you are is apparently “one hell of a problem,” according to Amazon. But I propose that the “hell of a problem” is the biased censorship of conservative speech.