AMAZING: Firefighter Sees American Flag In Color for the First Time


Color Blindness, a condition which causes a difficulty in distinguishing colors, can be demoralizing, especially when those who suffer from it know the world is far more vibrant than the way their eyes perceive it.

This was, until recently, the struggle of Spencer Caradine, a firefighter in Douglas County, GA. 

According to Good News Network:

[Caradine] didn’t know that he was red-green colorblind until his friend and co-worker Jordan Gardner took notice.

The two men had been out on a hiking trip when Gardner tried to point out a green object that stood next to a red barn – but Caradine said that he couldn’t tell the difference between the two.

After Gardner confirmed Caradine’s color blindness, he and other firefighters bought Enchroma glasses made to correct the errors colorblindness creates. 

When presented with the glasses, Caradine’s friends made sure the first thing he viewed was the American flag. Caradine’s reaction is tear jerking.


“One of my best friends has never seen what the world really looks like until today. Spencer always said the first thing he wanted to see in color was the American flag so… we made it happen. None of us are emotional people but this morning got the best of all of us,”  Gardner said in a Facebook post where the original video can be found.

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