Amateur Hour: Not Enough Paper Ballots in a Pennsylvania County

Nick Kangadis | November 8, 2022
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Logic would dictate that no matter voting takes place, the polling site should have enough paper ballots for every registered voter linked to said site or county. But, that means that logic is still prevalent in our current day voting cycles, or even in our discourse with one another.

Apparently, according to Fox News host Neil Cavuto, Luzerne County in Pennsylvania was having trouble with paper ballots - namely, that they didn't have enough of them for people to vote.

"Also, keeping an eye on developments in Pennsylvania, where in Luzerne County by the way - the northeastern corner of the state - they're having some paper ballot issues, not enough of them as it turns out," Cavuto reported.

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How in the blue hell do you not have enough ballots for the people registered in your area to vote? Shouldn't there be enough to the point that there are backups in cases where ballots are damaged? Or, and call me crazy here, but there should be enough ballots for everyone in the area to vote since all we ever hear is that they want everyone to vote.


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