Always Truthful Liz Warren is Sued for Trying To Get COVID ‘Misinfo’ Removed From Amazon

Gabriel Hays | November 18, 2021
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A Vermont publishing company is coming for Chief Elizabeth Warren’s wampum after the Democrat Senator from Massachusetts tried to get its book on COVID removed from

According to the Associated Press, Chelsea Green, a small Vermont-based publishing company is suing Senator Warren for “chastising Amazon over the sale” of its book, which the politician believes spreads misinformation on China virus.

Warren wrote a letter to Amazon in September accusing the company of spreading “misinformation” by keeping the book “The Truth About COVID-19” for sale on its website.

In the note, Warren claimed that Amazon selling the book – which accuses the “‘global elite’ of using the pandemic to grab ‘unprecedented power’” – is “unethical, unacceptable, and potentially unlawful.” 

Oh yeah because we really trust uber-liberal, Cherokee Indian-descendent Liz Warren for the truth. Riiight. And as we’ve come to know over the last couple years, one Democrat politician’s “misinformation” is a normal American’s plain-as-day reality. 

Chelsea Green’s lawsuit, filed in a U.S. District Court in Seattle, as that’s where Elizabeth Warren’s letter was sent, claimed that Warren was trying to stifle their first amendment rights by trying to intimidate Amazon over their book. They also claimed many of the book’s points were “reasonable.”

AP wrote, “The lawsuit says the book contains factual information and reasonable opinions protected by the First Amendment, and that Warren's ‘veiled threats’ that Amazon could face legal repercussions if it doesn't stop selling the book amounted to unlawful government censorship.”

The lawsuit also claimed that Amazon began pulling ads for Chelsea Green’s book starting October 1 because of the pressure put on them by Warren. 

However,  the book is still being sold on Amazon and is still a “#1 Best Seller” in the “Propaganda and Political Psychology” section of 

The book was written by Dr. Mercola and Ronnie Cummins. It also features a forward from American environmental lawyer, and author, and COVID vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who media elites call an “anti-vaccine propagandist.”

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In their write-up of the Chelsea Green lawsuit, AP implied that the authors as kooky propagandists as well, writing, “the book is by Dr. Joseph Mercola, a Florida osteopath who has a long history of selling unapproved health products, and Ronnie Cummins, an activist against genetically modified food. It features a foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a longtime vaccine skeptic.”

The piece claimed their book “promotes unproven and possibly dangerous treatments for the coronavirus, while falsely suggesting COVID-19 vaccines approved by the government have not been properly tested.” 

Well despite the mainstream media’s assessment and Senator Warren’s opinion, (not the most trustworthy, might we add), the three authors have every right to publish their book free from the threat of politician’s siccing major corporations on them because they don’t like the political narrative.

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