Allen West: Trump Has Stumbled Upon The Left's Dirty Economic Plantations


There has been a dismissive attitude in understanding the gaps and flaws in the progressive, socialist ideology and how it is antithetical to the core, fundamental, values of the inner city, black community. Finally, a Republican, President Trump, tripped over the golden acorn, perhaps blindly so, and found the immense nugget of truth for which the left has no defense.

The left has purposefully, and intentionally, destroyed the black community with their policies of welfare and dependency … all for the purpose of electoral gain. And they have deployed black representatives and groups to perpetuate what they have created. Remember the response of the Congressional Black Caucus when President Trump announced in his first State of the Union address in 2018 the incredible unemployment numbers for the black community – stoic faces. No accolades from the NAACP, nor the National Urban League that I could see, as they have become the overseers on this new 21st Century economic plantation.

And this revelation has resulted in the typical, now ineffective, response of decrying “racism.” And folks, therefore, the greatest enemy to progressive socialists are minority conservatives.

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