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Allen West: The Real Dreamers – Our American Angels


The mission of the Angels of America’s Fallen, headed up by a dynamic husband and wife team, Joe and Shelli Lewis, is to fulfill the dreams of children of our fallen military warriors, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and first responders. What they do is ascertain what type of extra-curricular activity these young kids would like to engage in, to allow them to find greatness, and not be mired down in grief. 

I am tired of hearing about illegal immigrant families being separated when these young American children will forever be separated from their loved one(s), their Dads or Moms. I am tired of all the taxpayer resources we spend on people that have violated the very rule of law that these brave men and women are willing to give their lives to defend – and their children will forever have that empty chair at the table.

I know who the real American dreamers are – our little Angels. And I am tired of those elected officials and members of our media, and other activists who try to elevate others above our American children, our Dreamers!

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