'All of Them?' Calif. 'Professor' Snidely Chides Student for Saying 'Cops are Heroes'

Nick Kangadis | April 30, 2021
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Ugh. Just ugh. Look, I have no problem with people on the left having their opinions and believing in them. I just can’t stand their blatant flippancy towards anyone who might deviate from their indoctrinated stances. You don’t have to agree, but why be nasty if the person putting forth their opinion is doing so in a civil manner? Lack of class, really — and I don’t mean in the school sense.

Another woke indoctrinator — excuse me, “professor” — in California couldn’t help but sneer and try to shame a student for supporting police officers, referring to them as “heroes.”

Braden Ellis, a student at Cypress College in Southern California, was in a virtual class giving a presentation on how cancel culture is “destructive and tearing our country apart,” according to the Daily Wire.

After Ellis’ presentation, the “professor” opened up the virtual class for a “10-minute question and answer session” that she immediately hijacked in order to virtue signal and preach about she knows so much better about how police are basically evil.

So you brought up the police in your speech a few times. So, what is your main concern? Since, I mean, honestly … the issue is systemic. Because the whole reason we have police departments in the first place, where does it stem from? What’s our history? Going back to what [another classmate] was talking about, what does it stem from? It stems from people in the south wanting to capture runaway slaves.

Almost every instance in which Ellis attempted to respond to the “professor’s” claims, the “professor” interrupted him so that she could promote more false equivalencies. 

When Ellis tried to reiterate his opinion that “cops are heroes,” the “professor” interrupted him again.

“All of them?” the “professor” asked.

“I’d say a good majority of them You have bad people in every business and every…” Ellis said before being interrupted again.

The problem with the “professor’s” “all of them” question, in which she wasn’t really looking for an answer but to put Ellis in his place, is that when she speaks about cops she speaks in absolutes.

Just once, I’d like someone on the spot to ask one of these “professors” who think they know everything for examples of their own to support their clearly partisan claims. For example, the “professor” said “a lot of police officers have committed atrocious crimes and have gotten away with it and have never been convicted.”

Okay, what does the “professor” consider “a lot?” Does that mean that majority of officers? Does it mean a few? Does it mean too many?

Perhaps the most ridiculous portion of the back-and-forth between Ellis and the “professor” was when she told Ellis that she would never call the police if an intruder broke into her home with a knife or gun.

“I wouldn’t call the police,” the “professor” said. “I don’t trust them. My life’s in more danger in their [presence].”

I’m sorry. That’s just a stupid statement. You should have at least a bare minimum level of common sense to be an actual professor.

Ellis repeatedly admitted that his opinion may not be “popular to say,” and a fellow student looked to be the voice of reason when the “professor” couldn’t be counted on to be said voice.

If these “professors” want to wax academic like the one in this instance, is it too much to ask to cut the snideness directed at the students who pay their salaries? 

For video of the exchange, watch below:


H/T: The Blaze