All 'Hellboy' Is Breaking Loose - Actor Tweets Wrestling Challenge To Ted Cruz

Clay Robinson | June 15, 2020
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Once again, 2020 holds no shortage of surprises. This time a sitting United States senator and a Hollywood actor may end up in the wrestling ring.

Ron Perlman, known for his roles in Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy, took to Twitter to attack Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida for criticizing the U.S. soccer team for not requiring its players to stand for the national anthem. 

The conflict quickly escalated after Perlman commented on Gaetz’s appearance, claiming that Gaetz is “lucky” because if it weren’t for Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, he would be the “ugliest politician walking”.

Sen. Ted Cruz jumped in on the action, challenging Perlman to a wrestling match against Jim Jordan. Cruz offers ten thousand dollars to the charity of Perlman’s choice if he's able to “last 5 min in the wrestling ring” with Jordan.


Perlman responded, instead challenging Cruz and promising 50 thousand dollars to Black Lives Matter. 

Cruz is currently 1-0 in basketball matches, so the odds may be currently in his favor.