Alec Baldwin Attacks Sarah Huckabee Sanders as ‘Mouthpiece for Fascism’

Monica Sanchez | June 11, 2019

Alec Baldwin amid a feud with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee went after Huckabee’s daughter, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, calling her a “mouthpiece for fascism.”

The two had exchanged blows on Twitter, with Huckabee first celebrating Baldwin’s announcement that he would no longer be impersonating President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live.”

“Alec Baldwin announced that he's ‘so done’ playing @realDonaldTrump on ‘Saturday Night Live’. Good news for viewers who are ‘so done’ with ‘SNL’ & unfunny vicious Trump bashing instead of comedy. For refreshing variety, try my show instead tonight!,” Huckabee tweeted Sunday.

Baldwin fired back on Monday, aiming not only at Huckabee but also his daughter:

“Who knows what the future holds? I tell what it should hold. That you, who have sucked a govt paycheck out of the economy while you were a dreadful Lt gov and then gov and that daughter of yours, a mouthpiece for fascism, that you go away. Just...go away,” he wrote.

"And your show is dreadful. You have no charm, insight or intellect," Baldwin added in a following tweet.

Huckabee has not yet responded to the nasty attack.

If your hopes were up that Baldwin had truly retired his Trump impersonation, an article by CNN has motivated him to keep open the possibility of performing the role again:

H/T Fox News