Al Qaeda Prints a Guide For How to Blow Up a Train

Nick Kangadis | August 17, 2017
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Did everybody remember to go out and pick up the latest edition of The Lunatic’s Handbook? Actually, the real online magazine in question is an Al Qaeda publication called “Inspire,” and the latest issue deals with “Targeting Means of Transportation.”

The cover of the latest edition of the “Extremists’ Guide to Getting Your Virgins” comes with a picture of a train beginning to derail with the title, “Train Derail Operations.”

According to the online terrorist manual, which we won’t provide the link to so that no one ends up on a government list, there are apparently three things that someone seeking “martyrdom” can target when it comes to transportation: “The vehicle itself used for transportation,” “its line of transport and pathway” and “stations, terminals or transit points.”

According to the magazine, the list above was done in order of importance, because, you know, priorities.

The magazine reported:

This refers to the actual means of transport i.e. planes, ships, trains, buses and others. Targeting them is considered to be the greatest of the three with respect to impact. Such operations require one to overcome security obstacles placed to protect the transport vehicle. An example is Umar Farouk’s [“Underwear Bomber”] operation. He was able to board the American plane. And even though the plane did not explode, he managed to pass through the tight security measures.

That’s nice.

Farouk might have managed to get by security, but it was still a failed operation. So much so that Farouk is currently serving four life sentences plus 50 years for attempting to blow up a commercial plane.

Don’t be too alarmed. According to Fox News:

However, a Department of Homeland Security bulletin reviewed by Fox News indicates there is no credible or imminent threat.

"...the TSA Office of Intelligence and Analysis (TSA-OIA) is not aware of any current or credible plots to attack transportation within the United States; however, TSA-OIA remains concerned with terrorist organizations' efforts to conduct attacks against transportation," the August 11 intelligence report states.

In all seriousness, we can make fun of these radical Muslims simply because it infuriates them so much. But any threat against our country, or any other country, should be taken seriously and dealt with accordingly.