Al Jazeera English Posts a 'Fun' Tourist Video on North Korea

Maureen Collins | June 23, 2017
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The communist dictatorship of North Korea needed some good press this week after the mysterious death of American student Otto Warmbier. 

And it looks like Al Jazeera English was willing to give it to them. 

The news outlet shared a bizarre short video to social media on "North Korea's traffic ladies," which seemed to pitch the country as a fun place to visit. Uh...what?

According to the video, North Korea's capitol city of Pyongyang has a distinctive traffic police force -- they are all unmarried women under the age of 26. According to the short, the traffic cops are chosen based on their attractiveness. 

Ah, the effects of rigid totalitarian social planning! 

As if the whole thing wasn't weird enough, a journalist boasted that  the "iconic" traffic police "have become very popular for tourists."

Thanks but no thanks, Al Jazeera. Because of the death of an American citizen, not to mention the thousands of human rights abuses that take place there, I don't think I'll be visiting North Korea any time soon. 

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