Al Gore Tapped to Appeal To Millennials... For Some Reason

Zach Montanaro | October 6, 2016
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Get your lockboxes ready, because Al Gore is returning to the campaigning circuit once again!

In a move announced early this week, the Clinton campaign announced they would be sending out the former vice president in an effort to -- get this -- appeal to millennial voters.

Yep. The politician who was seen as too up-tight and snooty in his own presidential run in 2000 will now focus on connecting with a generation of voters who seem to judge politicians based on how cool they are.

Maybe the strategy is working, because I’m already laughing.

Trying to imagine Gore, who famously rolled his eyes, shook his head, and sighed repeatedly into an open mic during a presidential debate, now being unleashed to try and bond with the most impatient generation ever. It's pretty hilarious.

This could be good news, though. After all, if Gore is coming onto the campaign trail, that means that he must have caught ManBearPig at this point, right?

Now maybe I’m being too hard on the former VP. I mean, we millennials do love the internet he claims to have had a hand in inventing, so that’s a plus for him right?

I just hope someone tells Mr. Gore in advance that “Netflix and Chill” has absolutely nothing to do with climate change.

Nothing sums up this announcement better than this funny tweet by Huffington Post’s Sam Stein.

God help us all.

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