Al Franken: We Need the Gubment to Save Us From ISPs

Stephen Gutowski | July 28, 2010
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In case you need a refresher course on why liberals think Net Neutrality is a good idea or if you just want to laugh at Al Franken's inability to pronounce words correctly watch this:

I think the most important question this speech raises is what exactly is the "gubment" and why does Al Franken want to give it so much control over the internet? I suppose the only reasonable explanation is that Al Franken simply can't pronounce the word government. But, hey, that shouldn't stop him from giving the government even more overbearing authority over every aspect of our lives.

Frankly, Franken, that is a piss poor argument for why the gubment should be given greater regulatory control over the internet.

First off how the heck is ensuring the speed at which you connect to websites remains consistent across the web a first amendment issue at all? I mean how exactly, in your fantasy world where internet service providers are selectively throttling access to the web, does any of this have to do with anything in the first amendment? Where do you come up with this idiotic nonsense?

Second how the heck is this a problem at all let alone a problem requiring us to go down the slippery slope of gubment intervention? You openly admit that this is a phantom problem created completely in the minds of deranged liberal tech bloggers. NO ISP HAS EVER SYSTEMATICALLY CHANGED CONNECTION SPEEDS BASED ON CONTENT. Yet, suspiciously but not surprisingly, you and your liberal friends want the gubment, which you openly admitted is a threat itself to free speech, and put it on the pat towards being able to spread its slimy power hungry tentacles all over the web under the guise of protecting free speech. Insane.

Finally why in the world can't you pronounce government properly???

Until you answer those three questions you can keep the danged gubment out of my internet access!

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