AG Garland Targets Parents Who Oppose CRT, While Son-In-Law Runs A Company That Promotes It

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 10, 2021

Remember last week when I got to report on how both the National School Boards Association’s tax-funded members, and tax-funded Biden Administration apparatchiks twisted reality on its head by depicting concerned parents at school board meetings as potential “terror threats”, when, in fact, it is government that operates via threats to make people cough up tax cash?

Well, the story has taken a sudden and perversely comical turn, as Kyle Becker reports:

Attorney General Merrick Garland has a Critical Race Theory (CRT) publisher in the family. The nation’s top law enforcement official recently released a Department of Justice advisory on parents speaking out against CRT, indicating that the FBI has been authorized to consult with state and local law enforcement on the matter.

The latter of which, as I mentioned last week, is not appropriate, even for the oft-unconstitutionally-used FBI, because these are local matters, and, even if they were “cross state” matters, citations of widespread violence or threats were lacking from the NSBA letter that Garland, Jen Psaki, and Joe Biden have used as cover for their clearly preplanned excursion into intimidation.

But, again, let’s backtrack to be sure we define “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) – something that former VA Governor Terry McAuliff recently refused to define, even as he dismissed the idea that school districts might be using tax cash to promote it – QED.

CRT is the theory that every someone in the US is inherently racist at birth, based on the color of his skin, and that he or she is born into a “system” of racial privilege, that only state intervention, quotas imposed on voluntary free enterprise (said quotas being fascist in nature because they are a manifestation of government telling private market participants how to interact), redistribution of wealth, race-based taxation, and other race-focused edicts can “fix” the problem.

In other words, the folks who want to take other people’s stuff and tell them how to live will wield the “race card” like a cudgel, label as “racist” those who want to be left alone, and never acknowledge that their own line of thinking is fundamentally, undeniably, racist.

But Attorney General Merrick Garland is ready to amplify the problem, use your tax cash to do it, and intimidate concerned parents and local taxpayers who merely want to have a say in how their tax money is used in a local government school.

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Well, Becker discovered that AG Garland might not be the best and most unbiased person to conduct this already frightening breach of the US Constitution.

In 2018, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s daughter Rebecca Garland married Xan Tanner, as the New York Times reported. Xan Tanner is the current co-founder of an education service company called Panorama Education.

And what does Panorama Education do?

Becker notes:

Panorama Education provides ‘social emotional learning’ resource materials to school districts and teachers, including those that teach Common Core and Critical Race Theory.

And those “resources” offer Panorama and Tanner the opportunity to slide propaganda into the schools.

As Dr. Susan Berry reports for Breitbart:

Panorama produces data mining surveys for schools, including ‘equity and inclusion surveys’ and conducts ‘professional development’ training in the areas of equity and inclusion for teachers and administrators.

And Panorama CEO Aaron Feuer last year released a blog post explaining the company devotion to “fighting systemic racism,” saying, in part:

We commit to dismantling systemic racism, we commit to embodying and spreading anti-racist practices, and we commit to building systems of opportunity and possibility for students of color…

And Berry notes:

In her Substack column, Parents Defending Education director of outreach Erika Sanzi linked to a Panorama school climate survey that was administered to her son.

In the section on ‘Social and Emotional Learning,’ sandwiched in between questions about if a student feels ‘like you belong at your school’ and ‘Do you have an Individualized Learning Plan?’ is Question 67: ‘Do you know that Rhode Island state law allows Rhode Island residents who are US Citizens to pre-register to vote at age 16?’

Hey, perhaps some parents might want their school to administer these kinds of surveys from companies that openly state they want to engage in “fighting systemic racism.”

Some parents might even recognize that if one really thinks there is “systemic racism”, an analysis of it could include Joe Biden’s 1994 “three-strikes” statute, which encouraged states to put many many minority men in prison for life upon their conviction of a third felony.

That would be Joe Biden, who recently had the gall to “take a knee,” parading his “concern” for racial equality and dislike of “systemic racism.”

But, what is the “system”?

As economist Adam Smith said, the “men of system” are politicians who claim the legal monopoly on the use of aggressive violence, so it’s probably a wise move to find out if they back the use of government force against minorities.

And parents ought to be free to engage in whatever non-violent educational set-up they want for their kids.

But government schooling is not “non-violent.” It is, at its core, a politically-run, tax-backed, one-size-fits-all system that forces people (parents and non-parents alike) to pay for it, regardless of their satisfaction.

And such a system becomes even more offensive when people like Biden’s AG Garland make threatening overtures about getting the FBI to investigate parents concerned with the very kind of racialist propaganda his son-in-law promotes.

If there ever were a time to get one’s kids – and one’s tax cash – out of the government school system, it is now.

This new revelation about Garland and his ties to CRT is an excellent alarm, telling parents and other taxpayers, it’s time to evacuate the public school system.